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Win a Tessarisis - August 2014

A rare opportunity to win the 4th puzzle in the isis series - The Tessarisis.

Just find this coin and quote the unique coin number to win.


A summer valley.
Beneath a roar all gods hear.
Now I lie in wait.


USA Isis

New York - Win a Tarka puzzle $150.00

Last week, Marbles the Brain Store, our number 1 partner in the US, opened up their 28th store in New York at 28 Roosevelt Field, Garden City, NY 11530

By visiting the marbles store, you can examine and play with all of the 4 puzzles in the exclusive isis series. In addition you can also take a look at the isis code book and maybe start to solve one of the riddles inside to win a $25,000 gold and diamond isis.

The first person to solve the number directly connected to this picture and content will win a Tarka puzzle worth $150.00

Email us here at Sonic Games if you think you know the answer. Good Luck.

Please note: Only 3 attempts per person allowed.


USA Isis

Autism - Isis adventure puzzles

Last year, I toured across many states in the US, primarily promoting my isis code book and mechanical puzzles, but in doing so i was offered a rare opportunity to meet many of the people who have and are enjoying the puzzles and the Isis adventure that I have developed over the years. I discovered that a large number of the people I met had extraordinary abilities to solve my puzzles and could follow in detail the strategies and processes that I create. I soon discovered that some of these people are on the Autism spectrum or with Asperger syndrome or ADHD.

In the discussions held, i discovered that the adventure and puzzles that I continue to develop are connecting at a very special level with people with Autism and the enjoyment and time spent working with the puzzles is having a very positive affect on improving communication and interaction with the puzzle world.

The isis puzzle series, the isis code book and the electronic iball4 brain game are all products that have been developed for those looking for a deep thought provoking challenge, and in particular, allowing anyone on the autism spectrum to get positively involved with the isis adventure.

Andrew Reeves

Inventor of the isis Adventure.


USA Isis

Found 24th May - Baltimore Coin Search to Win an Isis

Due to incredible popular demand we have hidden another coin in the area of Baltimore with the kind assistance of one of our adventurers John Rock.


As you've heard before, and the story has stated. The coin was placed where a light house faded.

Quote the 10 digit number on the coin and the finder will win a brand new Isis puzzle valued at $250.00 plus the new isis adventure book which holds 4 hidden codes. Solve one of the codes in the book and win a $25,000 24ct Gold and diamond isis.

Good luck.


USA Isis

Free code book

A free Isis adventure code book with any isis puzzle ordered.

The Isis adventure book has details of each puzzle, some history about the inventor and the design processes, the isis adventure, and stories from adventurers themselves on their quests to discover gold. The book also contains 4 hidden, secret codes. Any person that uncovers and solves a code will be rewarded with a 24ct Gold plated and diamond isis valued at $25,000 each.

This is a limited time offer for sales of isis puzzles during March from Sonic Games.


USA Isis

Priority shipping is Active

Priority shipping costs to USA and other parts of the world for first week of March.

USA orders often received within less than 3 working days from order placed.


USA Isis

FOUND - Baltimore Coin Search to Win an Isis

This coin has been found, but another is being hidden soon. 


Due to popular demand we have hidden another gold coin somewhere in Baltimore:

 Find the coin and claim a $240.00 isis puzzle that will unlock the biggest active global treasure adventure available today.


One of the Oldest in Baltimore


USA Isis

Nuremberg Toy Show

Sonic Games presented the isis puzzle series for the first time in Germany last week. We were very pleased with the interest shown in the puzzles and many had the opportunity to see the puzzles for the first time. The iball4 was also demonstrated and many tried to break the world record score for light speed.

As with all Sonic trips we have hidden a gold coin for an adventurer to find and to claim a gold isis worth 160.00 euro.

 Good luck.


USA Isis

Baltimore - Gold coin - FOUND


As part of the isis tour - USA - special gold coins have been hidden in NJ, Baltimore, PA, Chicago and San Francisco.

Find the location and retrieve the gold coin and light up your life and win a Gold Tarka, the isis adventure book, and a Ramisis puzzle -

Total prize package = $500.00  


USA Isis

San Francisco - Gold coin -FOUND


The latest gold coin has now been placed somewhere famous in San Francisco.

The finder of the gold coin will be awarded with $500.00 of isis puzzle products. 

Latest winner was Alex 2 days ago - in Chicago. 

Clue: Sail east from this picture.


USA Isis

Chicago isis gold coin - FOUND


The truly iconic JHC-95 is the latest place that an isis gold coin can be found. When the gold coin is found and redeemed $500.00 of isis product will be rewarded to the finder.

Good luck. 


USA Isis

Express priority shipping on all orders

As from 17th December to 21st December select standard shipping rates and we will upgrade the shipping to express priority shipping to ensure your order arrives on time.


USA Isis

The Black and Gold Copernisis

Special limited offer price 

£50.00 or $80.00 reduction on normal price

The Copernisis - 3rd in the isis series and a puzzle that pushes you into space. Based around the Nicolaus Copernicus (GermanNikolaus Kopernikus) Renaissance mathematician and astronomer who formulated a heliocentric model of the universe which placed the Sun, rather than the Earth, at the center.

Solving the Copernisis will give you access to the star map game which can be found on with big cash awards for solving the maps.


USA Isis

PA - Gold Coin - It's a Riddle !!!!

The gold coin searches continue... 

The Philadelphia isis gold coin search. November 2013

Find this coin and you will be awarded with $500.00 of isis prizes.


USA Isis

NJ - Gold Coin - Tarka, book and isis puzzle

As per of the current isis tour of USA 4 x gold coins are being hidden within the NJ, PA, Chicago and SF areas.

Each finder of the coins will win a Gold Tarka, a copy of the new isis adventure book and a ramisis or isis or Copernisis.

A total prize value of almost $500.00

Winners can choose which colors they prefer to add to their collections of isis series if they have some  puzzles already.

 * Special edition isis not included in the offer, such as the devil isis.

Good Luck. 


USA Isis

The diamond isis book

Special book offer:

All orders placed during November and December for Ramisis or Copernisis puzzles will receive a free copy of the Isis adventure book, codes of the diamond isis.

This offer is not open to Isis puzzles orders. However a copernisis or Ramisis ordered with an Isis puzzle will qualify for the free book. 

Codes of the diamond isis - discover the hidden codes and win one of the real gold and diamond isis valued at $25,000 each.

* See terms and conditions on  for full details of diamond isis rewards.


USA Isis

The diamond Isis

From November 8th this year, the isis inventor will be touring the USA and will be happy to talk with you about the isis puzzle series, the isis adventure pyramids and his new book and the 4 x diamond isis that can be won be just solving one of the 4 hidden codes within the IA book.

Four diamond isis have been specially built to be won by the first 4 adventurers to solve hidden codes in the IA Book.


USA Isis

The Gold Tessarisis

The Gold Tessarisis - add it to your collection.


USA Isis

Isis Puzzle Adventurist Wins Pyramid Challenge

One of the most sought after isis Gold coins was won in San Francisco last week (May 13th 2013) by Luns Tee.

See prize presentation link here.

The isis gold coin is the ultimate reward for solving the Isis pyramid challenge and this was achieved last week by Luns Tee. The Gold coin for the San Francisco Gold coin is worth $500.00 cash reward which might be used towards the new Tessarisis.

The San Francisco pyramid will now be updated by Sonic Games with a new Gold coin and so the challenge begins again for another adventurer. Solve the next pyramid riddle for the new San Francisco Gold coin which will go live on June 1st and win the new Gold coin and another $500.00


USA Isis

Win an isis worth $250.00 at the foot of Devil's Tower

From the visitor center parking, head up the "Tower Trail," which is the shortest (2km) and closest to the monument.  Heading counterclockwise, about 1/3 the way around the monument on the southeast side there is a viewing station showing the remains of Roger's and Ridley's original ladder system.

The First Adventurer will win an Isis puzzle worth $250.00 

Good Luck 


USA Isis

Isis Inventor talks about the Isis and Adventure

Andrew Reeves talks a little about the isis, prototypes and the adventure.


USA Isis

Find the Gold Coin - August 1st 2012

Clue: The LINE that is famous = he turned vision into reality.

Finder of the gold coin will win the current set (3 puzzles) of the limited edition black and Gold isis series worth $750.00


USA Isis

The Black & Gold isis range

We have recently introduced new updated designs for the isis puzzle, Ramisis and Copernisis and we have also added two complete color ranges for all product series in black and gold and gold and blue. The isis IV is due to be launched Q4 2012, with a new surprise element for 2013.

The Inventor talks a little about the new puzzle designs and the new puzzle box with a few new hints and clues on how to solve. See Youtube video


USA Isis

1st of 10 isis coins to find in USA

Find this first hidden coin and you will be awarded with a fantastic isis puzzle worth over $200.00 and free membership to the isis adventure for 1 year.

Clue:The lawman of '76 built it for love store.
When you're at the top, are you really ?


USA Isis

Gold and Silver Geocaches

Yes, this really is for real. You know us, when we say we have hidden Gold and silver all over the country, then that's exactly what we have done.

First cache is now live - 1st July 2012.

Clue now live with map. First person to call Sonic Games with proof of the cache being discovered will get a bonus TEN pounds credited to their paypal account or bank account.


USA Isis

USA - Isis adventure gold Coin

USA and the Isis adventure

10 x special isis coins are been shipped to the US  this week and over the following months will be hidden in some very famous places for all members to find.

Awards for finding the coins will range from free isis puzzles, to cash awards and more...


USA Isis

Coin hidden under the RED SEA!

Yes, we have hidden another coin, this time under the Red sea!

We sent a diving team down under the waves to place one of our unique engraved coins hidden somewhere in a shipwreck.

The finder of this isis coin will win a unique special edition of the whole series of the isis puzzles worth $1000.00 with life membership.



USA Isis

The isis Adventure puzzles - Hamleys, London store

When you next visit London, please visit the Hamley's Toy store on Regents street. With the completion of their massive £4 million refurbishment ahead of the Summer Olympics 2012 we at Sonic decided in conjunction with Hamley's to take the opportunity to refresh our most comprehensive display of the isis adventure puzzle series available.


USA Isis

Sonic Games in LA.

Sonic Games have spent most of this weekend in Los Angeles looking to expand the business.

Also get ready for a new pyramid to go live in LA in July.
And a new Isis search is already "live" in Beverley Hills.


USA Isis
Special Edition USA Isis

Ramisis is featured in Stuff magazine

Our Ramisis puzzle will soon be featured in the April edition of the popular gadget magazine - Stuff. Find the Ramisis on page 109.

Ramisis in Stuff magazine

For more information, or to purchase a Ramisis puzzle, please click here

Ramisis in Stuff magazine

Sonic Games goes to New York

Sonic Games are currently at the New York Toy Show, which runs from the 15th to the 18th February.

In the photo you will see Andrew Reeves (Managing Director) and Jacqueline Champion (Sales Director). Click the photo to see full size image.

New York Toy Fair 2009


On the 4th April 2009, Sonic Games will launch their first Platinum Pyramid. Locating the pyramid will prove to be the biggest challenge yet. Players will have the chance to win an incredible £10,000.

Click here for more information

Platinum Pyramid

Press Release

The Ramisis, the next very big challenge after the ISIS I

Unlock the light within......The Ramisis is the second exciting puzzle in the Isis Puzzle & Adventure series! A totally complete new gaming concept.

Like the ISIS I, The RAMISIS is a beautiful, handcrafted, metal puzzle but this time in the shape of a pyramid.

It joins the Isis puzzle as part of a series ranking amongst the most difficult puzzles in the world. When the puzzles are unlocked and solved, they allow the players to continue the adventure and become one of a fast growing number of players who enjoy this fascinating game on-line.

Riddles and clues must be solved to find real pyramids and virtual pyramids around the globe, using the player’s unique Isis key to unlock thousands of pounds in gold and silver coins that are waiting to be discovered.

The Ramisis contains the second key of the five needed to complete the Isis adventure in 2012. An amazing award awaits the player who succeeds in solving Isis V!

The ISIS and Ramisis puzzles have been described by leading retailers as "one of the must-have products of 2008" and are listed in their top 10 Christmas gift list.

The ISIS 1 and the Ramisis come in a stunning wooden polished giftbox !

How does it work ?

The puzzles interactive mind puzzles which involves players having to open an alloy puzzle. (The ISIS 1, a ball shape ) which is constructed in layers and covered in hieroglyphics. And The new Ramisis in the shape of a pyramid.

The ISIS Puzzles & Adventure are a race against time, players will be able to get clues from the games' website to help them in their quest to unlock the ISIS and RAMISIS mystery and find the hidden treasure.

The RAMISIS is the second in a series of 5 ISIS puzzles to be launched, each presenting more advanced and challenging stages than the previous one.

Two open user forums are available for players in the world.

An USA & UK forum and a forum in Dutch, French and German.

Ramisis launch date

International Toy Fair, Nurnberg Feb 2009

The worlds leading trade fair for toys, hobbies and leisure-time activities. Sonic Games will be there. The Toy Fair will take place from 05. - 10. February 2009.

For more information, click here

Nurnberg Toy Fair 2009

SPIEL in Essen - Comic Action Fair, Oct 2008

SPIEL in Essen means: Four days of fun, meeting friends, playing and testing thousands of games and novelties together with gamers from all over the world. Sonic Games will be at the fair. SPIEL '08 with COMIC ACTION will take place from October 23 to 26, 2008 at Messe Essen

For more information, click here

Comic Action 2008

Isis II (Project:RAMISIS) - Now available for pre-order

Pre-order your Ramisis (FCFS basis) - launch date August 2008 - at Hamleys, London. Limited 500 Ramisis available for August only. RRP £149.00 (available at collection point at Hamleys on launch day, or posted post launch.)See website for launch day details during in August.

Pre-order your Ramisis today at


The Sonic Games Newsletter - June 2008.

The latest edition of our newsletter is now available. Take a look, there's NEW product news including the NEW soon to be released ISIS II online game and the fantastic NEW Treasure Chest Game. Not forgetting a special ISIS offer for you as a valued customer, simply click on the link below to view. (To opt in to receiving our newsletter, simply login to your Isis Adventure account and tick the box under 'Your Details').

Click here to view

Sonicwarp Newsletter

Tutankhamun Exhibition - £2000 award still available.

The £2000 pyramid award is once again available at the Tutankhamun Exhibition (O2 - formally the Millennium Dome). Simply log into your Isis Adventure account to view the pyramid map. Offer ends 30/08/08. Terms & Conditions apply. Good Luck from everyone at Sonic Games

Tutankhamun Exhibition

New £2000 Pyramid

Those that manage to unlock the Isis puzzle, will now have yet another chance to win £2000. Once you have unlocked and registered your Isis puzzle, log into your account to view details for the new £2000 pyramid. You will need to solve a cryptic riddle to collect your £2000 reward. Offer ends 14/05/08. Terms & Conditions apply. Good Luck from everyone at Sonic Games

New £2000 pyramid

Tutankhamun Exhibition

The riddle of the kings pyramid and reward is no longer active. Further details to follow...

Tutankhamun Exhibition

The new Sonic Games newsletter - Coming to an inbox near you.

In March 2008, we will email out our very first newsletter. The newsletter will keep you up to date with the very latest product developments, and will also feature a special offer for those that have chosen to receive our regular newsletter. To opt in to receiving our newsletter, simply login to your Isis Adventure account and tick the box under 'Your Details'.

Click here to view

Sonicwarp Newsletter

Isis Adventure at the Tutankhamun Exhibition.

We are proud announce a collaboration with the organisers of the Tutankhamun Exhibition (Arts and Exhibitions International) to have a prize of £2000 available for the first person to reveal the secret to the Riddle of the Kings.

The O2 (formally the Millennium Dome) brings the treasures of Tutankhamun to London for the first time in over 30 years. The exhibition runs from 15th November 2007 until 30th August 2008 where there will be a special Isis Adventure prize pyramid with a gold coin worth £2000 for one lucky adventurer.

Open your Isis, visit the exhibition* and solve the “Riddle of the Kings” to claim £2000.

In addition to the £2000 prize pyramid:

  • A limited edition Tutankhamun black NKryptor puzzle is available from the Sonicwarp shop. Inside is an additional clue to help you towards solving the “Riddle of the Kings” and the £2000.
  • The exhibition shop will be selling a special limited edition commemorative Tutankhamun Isis.
  • A pyramid will be on display containing an extra clue to help with the Isis 1A riddle.
  • Andrew Reeves the inventor of the Isis puzzle will be at the exhibition from 22nd Nov. to 24th Nov. to meet and talk to any adventurers visiting the exhibition.
  • A sneak preview of the Isis II puzzle will also be available to see (22nd Nov. – 24th Nov. only).
  • The ticket reward draw will take place at the exhibition on 22nd November. - Anyone buying a ticket to the exhibition will be entered into the free prize draw. There will be 10 winners each receiving a Tutankhamun NKryptor puzzle and a full version of our Pyrahunters PC game. Proof of ticket purchase needs to be e-mailed to no later than 10th November 2007.

*Normal Isis Adventure terms and conditions apply with the addition that proof of exhibition ticket purchase will be required when claiming the “Riddle of the Kings” prize.

Tutankhamun Exhibition

Isis Adventure in the USA.

We are excited to announce that the Isis Adventure is now available in the USA. The Isis is being sold through The Sharper Image ( and prizes can be claimed from a special Award Zone web site where you could win prizes selected from the TSI range, including a massage chair worth $2000. Visit for further information.

The Sharper Image - USA

Special pyramid for Tutankhamun Exhibition.

We will be doing a very special pyramid for Tutankhamun Exhibition in London O2 dome, with the biggest monetary award to date on offer to the one that solves the Tutankhamun Pyramid riddle.
Special pyramid for Tutankhamun Exhibition.
Isis Puzzle to appear on BBC's Dragons Den - 21/03/07.

The Isis Puzzle is due to appear on the BBC's Dragons Den on Wednesday 21st March 2007.
Isis Puzzle on Dragons Den
Puzzle fan's 15 mile trek to uncover Isis Treasure.

After trekking for 15 miles through mud and rain at the Blaise castle estate, Simon Wike, has found the isis. Simon located the puzzle under a fallen tree in the wooded area, after his mum read clues as to its whereabouts in the Bristol Evening post.
Click here to read the full article.

Simon Wike