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Ramisis Puzzle - Produced by Sonicwarp
In 2006 Sonicwarp gave the world the Isis Puzzle
- now in 2009 we proudly present the Ramisis Puzzle.

The Ramisis, the next very big challenge after the ISIS I

The Ramisis is the second exciting puzzle in the Isis Puzzle & Adventure series! A totally complete new gaming concept.

Like the ISIS I, The RAMISIS is a beautiful, handcrafted, metal puzzle but this time in the shape of a pyramid.

It joins the Isis puzzle as part of a series ranking amongst the most difficult puzzles in the world. When the puzzles are unlocked and solved, they allow the players to continue the adventure and become one of a fast growing number of players who enjoy this fascinating game on-line.

Riddles and clues must be solved to find real pyramids and virtual pyramids around the globe, using the player?s unique Isis key to unlock thousands of pounds in gold and silver coins that are waiting to be discovered.

The Ramisis contains the second key of the five needed to complete the Isis adventure in 2012. An amazing award awaits the player who succeeds in solving Isis V!

The ISIS and Ramisis puzzles have been described by leading retailers as "one of the must-have products of 2008" and are listed in their top 10 Christmas gift list.

The ISIS 1 and the Ramisis come in a stunning leather giftbox !

How does it work ?

The puzzles interactive mind puzzles which involves players having to open an alloy puzzle. (The ISIS 1, a ball shape ) which is constructed in layers and covered in hieroglyphics. And The new Ramisis in the shape of a pyramid.

The ISIS Puzzles & Adventure are a race against time, players will be able to get clues from the games' website to help them in their quest to unlock the ISIS and RAMISIS mystery and find the hidden treasure.

The RAMISIS is the second in a series of 5 ISIS puzzles to be launched, each presenting more advanced and challenging stages than the previous one.

Two open user forums are available for players in the world.

A USA & UK forum and a forum in Dutch, French and German.