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Isis Puzzle - Produced by Sonic Games
The 1980s gave the world the Rubik's Cube
- Then in 2006 Sonic Games proudly released the Isis puzzle.

The Isis puzzle is probably the most difficult puzzle of all time and together with the Isis Adventure the Isis puzzle series should be an unforgetable experience for all that take part.

After its appearance on the Jonathan Ross show in late September 2006, the nation has welcomed this new and exciting challenge.

The Isis puzzle and Isis Adventure is the brainchild of Andrew Reeves, who has invested over 3 years, and more than £200,000 in its development.

The Isis puzzle is an interactive mind game which involves players having to open an metal ball which is constructed in layers and covered in egyptian symbols.

Every Isis puzzle is hand-crafted in the United Kingdom, and uses the latest engineering technologies to ensure a high level of quality and precision.

Those who manage to open the Isis puzzle will find a hidden key. The key will open one of many golden pyramids hidden throughout the United Kingdom.

Each pyramid contains one gold coin worth £500 and 20 silver coins, worth £20.

The Isis puzzle is the first in a series of five.

Isis Puzzle

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